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When you're looking for an excavation contractor in the Las Vegas region, you'll find no one better suited to serve you than the professionals at Priority Grading LLC. With years of experience and a vast storehouse of well-maintained earthmoving equipment, we tackle challenging projects with professionalism and ease.

Look to us for the most exceptional excavation services. Call (725) 204-7342 for more information on our services, rates, and booking availabilities.

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Priority Grading LLC: An Essential Excavation Company

Our Nevada-based excavation contractors are an integral part of our team, bringing expertise and dedication to a wide range of projects.

We thrive on tackling a diverse range of projects, including:

  • Commercial developments
  • Infrastructure construction
  • Residential foundations
  • Environmental restoration efforts
  • ...and more

We understand that the foundation of any successful project lies in the quality and precision of excavation work, and we prioritize excellence in every task we undertake.

Emphasizing Safety in Excavation Services

One of the cornerstones of our approach to excavation is our unwavering emphasis on worksite safety. We recognize that excavation is a high-risk activity, and we're committed to ensuring the safety of our team members, subcontractors, and anyone on or near our worksites.

To do this, we implement rigorous safety protocols and continuously train our personnel to identify and mitigate potential hazards. This commitment to safety protects lives and guarantees that the foundations and habitats we create will be safe for future work and habitation.

Caring for our Excavators

We prioritize the routine servicing and maintenance of our excavation equipment.

This commitment ensures:

  • Optimal equipment performance
  • Reliability on the job site
  • Minimal downtime and reduced risk of accidents due to equipment failures
  • Consistent adherence to project timelines

Our Excavators Do It All

We take pride in offering a wide range of excavation services tailored to meet the diverse requirements of clients like you.

Our excavation capabilities encompass the following:

  • Site Preparation
  • Clearing and grading
  • Demolition and debris removal
  • Land leveling and contouring
  • Foundation excavation
  • Precise digging for residential and commercial foundations
  • Basement excavation
  • Footings and trenching
  • Utility trenching
  • Installation of utility lines (water, sewer, gas, electrical)

Whether it's a residential development, commercial site, or road construction, our skilled excavation team leverages state-of-the-art equipment and years of expertise to move earth and sculpt terrains to precision.

First Choice for Earthmoving and Grading

We excel in bulk earth removal and fill operations, ensuring that the land is prepared to exact specifications. Our precision grading work guarantees that surfaces are level, stable, and ready for the next construction phase.

From contouring land for optimal drainage to creating a solid foundation for infrastructure projects, our earthmoving and grading services are executed with an unwavering commitment to safety, quality, and environmental sustainability, ensuring that each project begins on a solid and level footing.

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Whether your large-scale development project requires heavy-duty excavators or you want to hire someone to remove a sub-level tank from your property, we're the skilled professionals worth calling-schedule Las Vegas's best civil excavation services by calling (725) 204-7342 at your convenience.